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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Weather is Getting Colder at Night

I sent my parents a list of some of my closest friends and family – most of whom they haven’t met – because I don’t visit Uncle and Aunt Theo anymore. I used to go visit them just to talk about my day and see how they were doing. It used to be that if my phone was having trouble or I was extra busy and my parents didn’t hear from in a few days, they would call Aunt Theo and ask if she had heard from me or seen me. I can’t count on that now. I just hope that don’t call Jasmine one day and ask her what time I will be home.

Sooner than I thought, I have to start thinking about keeping warm at night. This week, it's gotten really cold at night - as low as 50 degrees F. My comforter keeps me warm, but not when I stretch my legs (to give my bent knees a break) and my feet stick out. Time to pull out Theraflu and other medicines. Also, time to consider buying a camping sleeping bag. I'm afraid that a sleeping bag will restrict my abnility to stretch out.

For the last two mornings, when I woke up, I cranked up immediately so the car could start to get warm. That has been a good idea. Foggy windows  create a curtain so that others cannot see me. I sit in the back seat and make my bed right there in the parking lot while the car heats up. By the time, I drive off, the heater is spitting out warm air.   

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