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Friday, September 27, 2013

Security Cameras Everywhere

Everywhere I go, I’m looking for security cameras. One day, I got a handful of paper towels to wipe my car windows while at the mall. I folded them discretely because I saw the security cameras right outside the bathroom. Now, no security guard is going to pull me over and question me about having so many paper towels, but as a homeless person, I may have to go back there numerous times for paper towels, wash-ups, bathroom breaks, etc. I don’t want to draw attention to myself by walking out with an obvious half-roll of paper towels. This week, I moved a black small dresser to the bathroom so I can sit my toiletries bag there while I wash up. Just as I approached the bathroom door, I finally saw it. A security camera facing that area. I knew there had to be one somewhere over there, but I never could find it before. I paused trying to decide what to do, then I decided to go ahead and make the move. I pushed the dresser into the bathroom. What’s the worse anyone can do – remove it and post a flyer saying “Patrons: Please don’t put furniture in here?” It’s dusty so I need to wipe it off soon so it won’t look so odd in such a clean bathroom (minus the cockroaches and crickets that I see in there occasionally). Some of the security cameras in my storage building are stationed inside owls that are mounted to the ceiling. They are very discreet looking. I don’t know what made me look up and notice the owls, but they blend in with the ceiling. They are the best-looking security cameras I’ve ever seen. I notice cameras at my evening job and in every store I go to. Yesterday, I sat in a parking garage in a sunny spot so I could just bask. I decided to clip my toenails, so I looked around for the cameras, then went to the other side of my car and clipped my toenails.

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