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Monday, September 9, 2013

More Background Story - Uncle Theo raised the rent

I was renting a room from my uncle before I became homeless. When he upped the rent with one week's notice, I decided to move out. I needed to pay down debt, and I couldn't let a rent increase slow me down.

One of his reasons was, "I weighed the costs of renting the room at such a low rate and decided it wasn't worth it." Fair enough. I don't think he told me the full story, but if my dog and I were more trouble than $450 was worth, I'll move on.

Well, yesterday while talking to Aunt Theo, she revealed that his hours at work have been cut. He's now working only part time. I wasn't glad to hear about his decrease in income. Yet, I wondered, Maybe he raised my rent to make up for the shortfall? I get the impression that he didn't expect me to turn it down. Maybe he thought I had no where else to go, and, therefore, I would have to take the deal.

I'll wait and see if he changes his mind and decides to invite me back. But I don't think I'll go back. I want to follow Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps and attack my debt with "gazelle intensity." I'm excited about the idea of paying $500 or more per month towards debt reduction, which I wouldn't be able to do if I were paying rent anywhere.

I'm not sure if Uncle Theo's intentions came from a good place (sincere reasons) or not (greed) but it really resulted in a blessing for me. His request led to me making this major decision to live like I'm living.

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