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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Story

Here is some of my story.

After years of trying to invest in my own businesses, and being out of work for six months, and finally finding a job that I LOVE but doesn't pay a lot, I decided I had way too much debt. To decrease my debt, I gave up my apartment and looked for a room to rent. My uncle offered me a room in his house.

Sometimes I thought to myself, "I could really save a ton of money if I didn't have to pay any rent to anybody." But living out of my car was a crazy idea. I was a professional middle class person - a teacher - and I had a dog. The whole idea was just silly.

After a year with my uncle, I leased an apartment to house some relatives who were visiting me for the summer, but I told my uncle I would be back in the fall.

1.5 weeks ago, as I was preparing to move back into my uncle's house, he texted me and said the rent was increasing. To make a long story short (I'll tell you the long version later), I decided this was the time. I would live in my car. I would follow Dave Ramsey's advice and live like no one else so that one day I can live like no one else (although he never said live in your car).

There was one glitch: I couldn't tell a soul.

My family and friends would never let me do this. I'm grateful to have people who would offer me a room, a couch, or something other than my car. However, I don't want to stay with anyone right now because I will insist on paying rent, paying the utility bills, buying the groceries, or SOMETHING, which defeats the purpose of what I'm trying to do - save money and kill the debt.

I've calculated that if I stay in my car for 10 months, and if I put my uncle's rent ($400) towards a bill each month, that $4000 will pay off one credit card and half of another. I will also be able to build up my emergency fund to $1000 without living paycheck to paycheck.

So that's my plan. September 2, 2013, Labor Day, was my first official day as a homeless person. For the first time ever in my life, I had nowhere to go that night and call home.

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