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Thursday, September 19, 2013

13 good things about being broke

September 19, 2013

This is day 17 of being homeless. I've really hit my stride now. I often don't have anything new to report about living in my car unless I risk sounding redundant. I'm excited to say that, for now, I can focus on finances. Tomorrow is payday and I have a few windfalls coming at me, too. I plan to pay off $500 in small debts tomorrow and also set aside $1000 for emergency savings, like Dave Ramsey suggests. 

Good things about being broke
1.You learn to empathize with people.
2. You learn to appreciate people like never before.
3. You may find out who your true friends are.
4. You discover new places to shop (Aldi’s, Shoppers Food Warehouse!)
5. You become humble.
6. You become creative and resourceful.
7. You develop better survival skills.
8. People don’t ask you for loans.
9. No one asks to borrow your car. Even if your car is in fair condition, there will be no gas in it.
10. Your house isn’t cluttered with useless things that you’ll only use once.
11. Your finances are simpler.
12. You appreciate the simple things in life ($5 in a birthday card, 50 cents off anything)

13. ***(My favorite) You can only get richer.

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