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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lying to Rosalinda & the importance of friends

September 7, 2013

I slept at the apartments (parked on the street) and the night was again peaceful and uneventful. I washed up at storage before going to church. I washed my hair in the sink and my Afro looked shiny, curly, and shaped well. I rearranged a few things in storage. Every time I rearrange things, my unit gets more and more spacious.

I went to a churchmember’s house for dinner and explained why moved out from Uncle Theo’s house. Of course, Rosalinda, caring as she is, asked questions about where I lived (my story was that I'm living with my friend Jasmine). I hate lying to people about my situation. If she knew the truth, she would offer me her home. A week ago when she found out that Uncle Theo was going to charge me crazy dog rent, she said she would offer to keep Joey, except her daughter has allergies. 

I have to remember to always use the bathroom when I visit other people’s houses. I didn’t use the bathroom at Rosalinda’s house, but 20  minutes later, while sitting at the park, I felt the urge. I went to a 7-11 bathroom later – Ugh!

So far, I haven't missed not having a home to go to after work or on weekends. I'm sure eventually that "hanging out" everywhere will get old and I'll crave someone's couch and tv.  Though I'm a lifelong loner, and very content being one, I realize that I want to build more relationships with friends so I don't feel like I’m using the same people over and over again. I have wanted to go to Uncle Theo’s and borrow things – his hole punch, hammer and nails – but I refused to go over because I don’t want him to feel taken advantage of (which he said he felt because of the low rent he was charging me). I could offer him money to use his things, but that changes the relationship – we’re family, so I’ll keep my business relationships with businesses and family relationships with family. 

I left my phone at church today and didn't realize it until tonight. No voice calls, no text, no Internet, no alarm, no voice recorder to record my thoughts about being homeless, no radio for times when I don’t want to use the car battery to listen to the radio.

So, what did I do in this limited state? I read books, uncluttered my car, took my waist and breast measurements, planned for Sabbath school, then planned for day school. In other words, I used the time really wisely.

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