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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jasmine's Gazelle Intensity

I haven’t found another mobile homeless blog yet, but I was reading articles by others who are homeless to get rid of debt. It seems others were homeless for 1.5-2 years. I wasn’t planning on going longer than a year, but I don’t know now that I'm reading others' experiences.

I guess it depends on how fast I run as a gazelle. Dave Ramsey talks about having "gazelle intensity" when it comes to paying off debt. God has been sending me financial windfalls and giving me financial breaks since I've been homeless. These include: 

Both teaching jobs (day and evening) have given me a raise this year. 
I got a refund from my health insurance company
I filed some amended tax returns and got back refunds. 

Jasmine told me that this summer her son needed $4000 to put a down payment on his new house for his family. jasmine helped him by sacrificing $1000 a month for four months. She was amazed that she was able to find the money, because she’s been trying to pay off her own debt for years. For the next two months, she tried to put $1000 a month on her own debts, but needs keep coming up . She has not been able to "find" $1000 again like she did this summer for her son. When the motivation is strong enough, you find the money. I hope she is able to start that up again.  

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