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Monday, September 9, 2013

Trouble With My Sleeping Places

my bed in the back seat
I've been wondering what would happen if I started to get towed while at the condo parking lot sleeping in the backseat. If I woke up and realized I was being towed, I would start blowing the horn like crazy. Would they stop and unhook my car and let me go with a "My bad"? Well, I looked at some unofficial places online (Yahoo), and it looks like they could ask me to vacate the vehicle, which for me would be my home. So, I can't take that chance.

I left there and drove to Willow Acres Hospital parking lot. I was feeling so confident about staying there as I parked in my usual, well-lit spot. Then, before I could climb into the back seat, I looked up and there in my face was a security camera. How did I miss that the first two times? I froze. I imagined someone staring at a computer monitor in the hospital looking dead at my car. I was right in front of the camera. I cranked up and drove to a higher level and there were cameras there, too, situated in front of the best parking spots for a car-dweller.

The highest level seemed to be the darkest part of the parking garage and my best bet, but I had spent enough time driving around in front of the security cameras that I decided not to stay there at the hospital at all last night. I drove to Wild Overland Apartments and slept soundly. I don't like having only one option, though. And Wild Overland is farther away than the hospital and the condo. I'm back to square one - finding more sleeping places.

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