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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 2 - 3 Rules for Living Out of Your Car

I keep going online looking for stories and tips from other people who have had to live out of their cars for a while. The biggest question is, "Where do you park your car at night?"

Last night, my first night homeless, I parked in the parking lot of a condo building I used to live in. I happen to know that they just got rid of their nighttime security guard. I think God allowed me to find out that information just in time because he knew I would need to sleep there. I slept in the front seat, easily seen. I couldn't let the seat back or hide in the back seat because the rest of my car was cluttered and filled with stuff I haven't been able to fit into my storage unit, yet. It was an embarrassing sight to see - my stuff, I mean - not me sleeping in the car.

When I woke up, I high-tailed it out of there before lots of people could wake up and see me as they left for work. I may need that spot again, and I don't want people to start getting annoyed or suspicious.

I washed up at my storage building. They have the nicest bathroom you will ever see for a storage building - toilet seat covers, ceramic tile floors, automatic paper towel dispensers, and, most importantly, cleanliness. It's a one unit, so I can completely disrobe, take a sponge bath, and lay out my supplies without sharing the area.

I got a little sleepy at work today. That's a no-no. My 3 biggest rules for living out of my car are:
1. Never be dirty.
2. Never be hungry.
3. Never be tired.

Those 3 things will have people asking questions. Questions lead to the truth. So, I better get some sleep tonight.

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