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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Staying Healthy in a Honda

I'm going to use this blog post to keep track of efforts I make to be healthy in my Honda while I live in it for a year. 

September 10, 2013

I really have to watch my health, especially with this breathing disorder I have. 

Some concerns I had this week have been resolved already. I told you that one day last week I woke up cold and the heat wouldn't work. Well, God fixed the heat in the car. The next day, during chilly weather, it worked fine and it's been working ever since. 

Also, I had hoped that I don’t get arthritis in my knees from sleeping curled up in the back seat all night. Since this weekend, I found two ways to stretch out a little more. 

Last spring, I was on MyFitnessPal religiously learning how to maintain my weight. I lost 15 lbs (5 inches off my waist) last spring and kept it off all summer. I stopped eating after 9 at night, ate less fried food and soda, and watched my calorie intake. One new habit I want to start is drinking 6 cups of H2O a day. Can I do that while living in a car? Buying water constantly is a new bill. Can I afford that? Can I always make it to the bathroom when I need to – especially in the middle of the night?

September 12, 2013

I didn’t realize how dirty my windows were. My paper towels were black with dirt after I wiped the windows. There was so much dirt on the rear view mirror I could feel it with my fingers. The first rule of being homeless, NEVER BE DIRTY, applies to cars as well.

September 17, 2013

The average car in the US is 11 years old, like mine. I wanted to keep my car for 20 years, but that’s not going to happen. It creaks and groans, and I have to add antifreeze more often than most people do. Maybe I can keep it four more years. No more road trips.  

I have super motivation to take care of it since it's also my home, although I’m tempted at times to try to get a new vehicle NOW to make car-living more comfortable. A newer car (a small SUV) would be more spacious and fuel-efficient. It’s currently not part of my plan, though. When I think about deviating from my plan, I look at my written plan and bring myself back. Whenever I get my next vehicle, I hope I can pay it off in a year, if not pay cash.

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