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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"I'm ok"

Jasmine wants to clean out a third bedroom she has in her house for me (her brother-in-law is in the second bedroom). They have one working bathroom in the house. The house is partially renovated, but they ran out of money and are doing what they can as the money comes in. I told her that I would decline even if she offered me a room, but she's thinking about the cold weather. I told her I'd just like a place to come chill out for a while. It would be different if my had burned down, or I was on welfare and had no money, or I had mounting medical bills and just couldn't support myself anymore. But this lifestyle is just a choice for me. I refuse to live in someone else's house, pulling in a paycheck and not paying them, while they are trying to pay down their own debts. Jasmine and Kim are my closest friends and they both are struggling to pay for their own housing, kids, child support, etc. All I ask of Jasmine is that she be one of my text buddies that I text each morning to say, "I'm ok," or good morning, or :-), or whatever. Asana will be the other text buddy. That way someone always knows I made it through the night. They both felt better hearing that I stay at Peace Hospital because it's safe there. We also laughed about the question, "What would have happened if my parents decided to call Jasmine to find out what time I'll be home?" What if my phone fell in the toilet or something and they couldn't reach me for a day or two? They would have called Jasmine and she would have been clueless. My mom felt so good last night when she heard Jasmine's voice in the background on the phone. I could hear the relief in her voice. Jasmine said she will understand when I call my parents while visiting at her house. When I talked to my mom tonight, she asked, "Are you in, yet?" I said, "Yes." I was parked at Peace Hospital. She said, "Good. That's what I like to here." I know. That's why I can't tell her the truth, yet.

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