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Friday, September 20, 2013

Eggs & Peas

September 18, 2013

This morning when I woke up (late – after 7:00), I noticed that the parking lot was beginning to fill, but all of the cars were on just one end of the parking lot. You would have thought someone was directing them to park at the next available spot and not space out. The reason they parked like this is because the parking lot is long and no one wants to park any farther away from the hospital than they need to, so they park in the next available spot. Fortunately for me, I happened to be parked farther away from the hospital and away from all of them. I will keep this parking pattern in mind. I try to vary where I park. On days when I park closer to the hospital, I need to be up and out by 6:15 sharp! Otherwise, I will have neighbors when I wake up. 

My food routine is slowly putting itself together. This summer, the school renovated so they placed the teachers’ lounge refrigerator in my classroom. It looks awkward, but it’s been a blessing while I figure out my food routine. I have two lunch boxes in there. One keeps my lunch for the day and the other keeps produce for making sandwiches and salads. I have to prepare my lunch in my room as if the room were a kitchen. I think I need just one more lunchbox in there to hold a few condiments or something. Hopefully no one will figure out that I have 3 lunchboxes in the fridge all by myself.

I’ve mastered the rules NEVER BE DIRTY and NEVER BE TIRED. I need to focus on the NEVER BE HUNGRY part. I have not been hungry these past two weeks, but I have not been eating healthfully either.

My mom asked me was I able to cook in my new place. I told her yes. She wants to send me some peas that she and my grandmother picked. Aunt Theo went to visit our hometown this week, so mom wants to send the peas with her. I haven’t figured out how I’ll cook them, yet, but I’ll come up with something. I also have some eggs in there that I brought back from Tennessee. I meant to make cornbread and other dishes before I decided to move into my car. How long do eggs keep?

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