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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 3 - Getting Organized

my storage unit

Last night was my 2nd night sleeping in my car. I slept at the bottom level of a hospital garage, in a space against the wall. I felt safe. Though the area was well-lit, I was able to stretch out in the back seat and position my head in a spot where I could get some shadows and not have the lights directly in my face.

My alarm went off at 6 am. I was tempted to keep snoozing a little while longer, but I heard cars moving around and didn't want too many people to arrive and see me waking up. I hope to make this my go-to spot. My legs felt a little cramped when I stretched them to get out of the car. I hope I don't develop arthritis in my knees. I need to find another way to stretch out more in the back seat of that Honda.

This morning, I washed up again in the bathroom of my storage building. There are cameras in the building, but I haven't seen any near the bathroom. I wonder if anyone watching security cameras will eventually realize that I'm using their business as my main wash-up/toileting facility each morning.

I arranged my storage unit so that my clean clothes and dirty hamper are near the door. That way getting to my clothes and doing laundry should be easy. Dishes, cleaning supplies, books, games, etc are all pushed towards the back of the unit.

One task on my agenda today is to start keeping a food log and a weather log. The food log will help me ensure I'm eating properly. The weather log will help prepare for ---the weather, of course. Last night, the temperature was so comfortable - mid 60's. I will remember that. I felt very cool (a little too cool) when I opened the car door this morning with no shoes on. That was a taste of what will be coming in one more month, so I better get ready.

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