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Monday, September 16, 2013

My Web Of Lies Grows Bigger

It’s work to keep questions at bay. Aunt Gloria and my mom both asked why I joined a gym. I couldn’t say, “So I’d have a place to shower.” I think they were wondering about how I can afford the monthly expense. I owe my dad $400 (which he doesn’t mind not getting back), but I asked him what he thought about window tints. I couldn’t say, “I don’t want anyone to see me sleeping in my car.” He simply said, “It’s not a priority. Just get yourself settled first.”

Vixen  and I left church and went downtown to invite people to our spiritual programs that are coming up next month. After being downtown,  we were going to an evening program at another church. Between downtown and the evening activity, there was a gap in the time. We needed a place to hang out and to eat. for about 2 hours. Naturally, she asked to hang out at my new place, which was on the way to the evening program, so it made perfect sense. I told Vixen that I don’t feel comfortable bringing people over yet, and Vixen continued to ask why. She’s the type who wants to get to the bottom of things. I tried to keep the conversation focused on WHY I left and not WHERE I’m living. Finally, I just told her that I would tell her in the future why I can’t have company over, yet.

I’ve been telling people that I pay Jasmine the same amount of rent that I was paying Uncle Theo. However, this time, I thought I’d try telling Vixen that I’m not paying any rent and see what her reaction would be. She thought that was great, except that I can’t have company over. Maybe if I tell people that Jasmine changed her mind and decided not to accept any rent in order to help me out, that will explain some of the new expenses I have (gym, window tint).

I probably shouldn’t say I live out of my Honda as much as I live out of my storage unit. I go there every morning to wash up or take clothes in or out. Sunday at noon is apparently an extremely busy time at the storage place. I’m glad I had not intentions of washing up there yesterday because the toilet is clogged with toilet paper and there's paper all over the floor. 

Today was my first day showering at the gym as well as ironing at the Laundromat. Those new routines worked for me.

Let me tell you about my laundering experience today. Sunday mornings are apparently the day for Latino fathers to do laundry with their children. I thought that was awesome to see. I imagined mothers rolling over in bed and getting sleep after a busy week. 

I washed my clothes, then plugged my iron into a socket next to a folding table. I started ironing my outfits for the week. I needed water for my iron and couldn’t get into the bathroom because someone was blocking it with his laundry.Well, my mom gave me a gallon of water three weeks ago, which has been in the trunk all this time.  So, I pulled out that gallon and it was leaking. It was a slow leak, but quite a bit has leaked. Fortunately, God allowed that man to block the bathroom, so I was forced to find that gallon of leaking water in my trunk. I poured the water into sports cups that I had in my trunk and drank what was left in the gallon jug (after putting some in the iron, of course). 

My storage unit has fencing going across the top of all units, I presume to keep things from being stacked too high and falling into neighboring units. I started hanging my ironed outfits on the fencing. All of my church dresses and my 7 outfits for the week are hanging now.

Because I’m going to hang my clothes in storage, I don’t need a box of clothes in my trunk, so my trunk now has more space. I like clearing out my car because having less clutter gives me less of a feeling of being and looking homeless. 

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