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Monday, September 9, 2013

Some good websites and quotes found in them about mobile homelessness Woman with a baby blogs about her experience.

In the hierarchy of homelessness - and sadly there is such a thing - Kevin’s situation (living in a car knowing it’s truly temporary) ranks near the top.

“The constant search for safe parking and resources, such as showers and food, requires a lot of shuffling, a lot of organization, something I don't think most people associate with homelessness,” says Dr. Wakin.

For those living in their cars invisibility is the goal.

I like the polls that this writer has on her website. My favorite was

Reader Poll:

What is the worst part of living in a car?

  • 18% Having to live in a car.
  • 0% Lack of space.
  • 18% Not enough privacy.
  • 24% My boss/family/friends finding out I'm homeless.
  • 0% Too hot/Too cold.
  • 24% Too hard to find a place to spend the night.
  • 12% No room to store food/having to buy food one meal at a time.
  • 6% Other
17 people have voted in this poll.
If you've been reading this blog, you won't be surprised at my answer. I said finding a place to sleep at night. 

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