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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 4 - Blowing My Own Cover

I've got to be  more careful waking up in the morning. I'm slow at waking up, even in an apartment. I need to roll over a few times, hit snooze, sit up and just look out the window for a few minutes. I can't do that now. 

Last night I slept in the hospital garage again - the exact same spot - and felt very safe. When I woke up this morning, I sat up and looked around for a few minutes, from the back seat of the car. Then a pickup truck came by and it had writing on it. The driver paused just after passing my car and looked back at me. I immediately opened the door and proceeded to put my shoes on and act like I was just at my car, I dunno, doing "something?" He drove off. I wonder if he was hospital security.

So I drove off. It was only 4:30 am. Where was I going to go? I had gone to bed early and wasn't sleepy anymore. 

So, I drove to my second "address" - the former condo building I used to live in. I parked in the parking lot and just listened to the radio until I felt sleepy again. However, I didn't want to climb back into the back seat. Remember, I don't know if they tow or not in that parking lot. I didn't want a tow truck to pull my car off not seeing me in the back seat. So I stayed in the front seat and fell asleep, occasionally opening my eyes when I heard cars passing me. Some people looked at me. 

I'm blowing my own cover. 

So, here's what I'll do: tint my windows and get a sunshield for the windshield. Until then, I'll try to stay low.

I spent my evening in the park today. The weather was pleasant, so I cleaned out my car. My car was embarrassingly junkie on Monday 3 days ago. However, by this evening the back seat and floor were clear. The only things in the back seat are my bedding, a bag of toiletries, a knife (for protection), and even houseshoes. I could fit two people in the backseat.

One piece of advice I got from a fellow homeless person online was not to wear my tennis shoes too much in the car – they will smell and so will my car. So, when I’m not driving I wear houseshoes.

Another bit of advice I read was to keep the car clean from smells. I guess since I will be breathing in the car all night and sweating and eating in the car, I have to be especially mindful of odors. 

Tomorrow is preparation day for the Sabbath. Instead of cleaning a whole apartment, I have my car (and myself) to clean. I decided to do a really thorough wash-up on Friday mornings (rather than my usual quick sponge bath), then wash my hair on Sabbath mornings before church. Also, I'll make Fridays "car cleaning day." I will gas up, vacuum (using carpet powder), and even wipe the windows and doors if necessary.  

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