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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Today's thought: 
Your struggles give you a testimony to  help others. You can't be a student forever. Be a teacher.

August 31, 2014

This is my anniversary. One year ago today, I was preparing to spend my first night in my car.

What we have accomplished:
- eliminated credit card debt
- begun renovations on the house
- begun paying down student loans
- established an emergency fund (and it has come in handy!)
- given to others
- learned survival skills (cooking on a grill, staying warm)
- become more disciplined  (more punctual, more organized, better at planning ahead)
- learned that I have some courage and dedication that I didn't know I had before

This upcoming year’s goals:

1. One year from now I want to be back in an apartment with my dog Jefferson back in my care.
2. I want my parents’ house to be fully renovated with them living in it (they won't have full-size appliances or central air conditioning, but we will all celebrate nonetheless).
3. I want to be current on student loan payments.
4. I want to continue to have an emergency savings fund (it won’t be complete by then, but I don’t want to raid it).
5. I want to give to causes I care about.

6. I want to still be at this current job contributing at least the minimum to the matching 401K. 


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  2. Hey There,

    I've just read your blog from start to finish.

    Man, you've had an adventure. You need to feel proud for what you have accomplished over the last year. You are emerging from the darkness.

    Keep blogging and keep fighting lovely lady.

    Take care.

    The Big Monkey.

  3. Well darn! I thought I'd get to be your first commenter after reading through the whole blog, but it looks like the Big Monkey beat me to it! ;-)

    Pretty amazed by what you're doing! I hope you reach your goal of being back in your own place with your dog in a year. I have dogs too so I can imagine how tough that is. Glad you shared your story on GRS. I'm wondering why they didn't include a link to your blog. It was a very interesting read!

  4. Thanks for visiting. Thanks for the encouragement, too. I can't believe you read the WHOLE BLOG. It's over 100 posts. Jefferson's (my dog's) birthday is today. I called him and told him happy birthday over the phone.