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Monday, August 11, 2014

Starting night school

Today was good. First day at work - teacher's retreat.

Last night was comfortable. The gym has changed a bit - equipment was moved around and the locker room seems a little rundown. The television didn't work and one sink was clogged. I made it to work on time with a snack for breakfast.

Now, I'm at the library working on classwork. I set aside some of the money I earned this summer to pay for CEU courses that I have to take before the year is up, so I'm taking both courses now - before the evening job begins in September. It's a lot of work taking two courses while starting a new teaching job, but the last time I lived in my car, my discipline improved significantly so we just might make this work. (BTW, it feels so good to say I set the money aside ahead of time. I didn't know exactly when I would sign up for the courses, but it felt good to know the money was there for whenever I was ready).

That said, I just blew the first week by not getting a paper turned in tonight. It took a while just navigating the new layout of the courses. That's my excuse. I think I'll just start on week two assignments...

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