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Friday, August 8, 2014

Moving Out and Moving on Up!

Moving Up

I am so excited. Yesterday was new employee orientation on my job. I met new, interesting, fun people. We also spent 2 hours filling out paperwork and listening to presenters talk about insurance (health, life, vision, dental , short and long term disability) and retirement, and other benefits (travel assistance, EAPs, on and on and on). It was information overload, but it feels good to have affordable benefits again.

I wasn't even interested in retirement at this point (though I know I should be). I contributed a little by default to  my new 401K at the last job, but last night I actually read the whole booklet about retirement plans and signed up for a new 401K with my new job. It was actually interesting to read and think about.

I have had private health insurance for 4 years because my job situation was not stable and I wanted to ensure that I was always covered. Well, my premiums have been raised twice in the past year and I recently got a letter stating that my plan will be discontinued Dec 31 of this year. This job health insurance costs less than mine, has great benefits, and came just in time. I haven't had my eyes checked in maybe 7 years. Now I can get them checked and afford new eyeglasses.


Moving Out

Well, Jasmine's mother-in-law is moving in around the beginning of next month, so I've been preparing to move out since the end of July (after summer school ended). I think today will be the day. Pretty much everything is in storage again.

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