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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

You need to let that go.

I was thinking about a story that happened to me in January, but I never blogged about it.


It was a beautiful day to be outside, but I was inside attending a workshop by Michelle Singletary, a personal finance columnist. Her advice is awesome and biblical. She has youtube videos. Look her up.

Asana invited me - I knew she was good person to have in my life the moment God introduced us.

Anyway, a comment made in the seminar made me think about Uncle and Aunt Theo and the burden I feel for their financial situation. On our way to our cars, I shared this burden with Asana, and her older sister walked up while I was talking. When I was done talking, her sister said, "This is really bothering you. You need to let that go."

I said, "Yeah, it does bother me because they're family and I care."

She said, "You need to let that go."

I said, "Sometimes I think maybe I shouldn't even go visit..."

She said, "Who says you need to go visit? What's wrong with not visiting?"

I thought about it.

She said, "You need to ask God to take that burden away from you, because it's not healthy. You need to let that go."

She was right. I was way too emotionally involved in their financial situation. Furthermore, there was nothing wrong with me not visiting their house, sitting down, and talking like old times. Staying away would help me avoid wanting to give financial advice or sharing what was working with me (which can create jealousy).

Aunt and Uncle Theo had already rebuffed my offers of assistance 3 times. In November, I shared Dave Ramsey concepts that were working for me. In December, I offered them DR CDs, and in January, I invited them to Michelle Singletary's workshop. They declined all of these offers, and the last time Uncle Theo was very irritated at the invitation to MS's workshop.

It was time for me to let them go.

I told Asana's sister that she was correct. Then I got in my car and didn't stop praying until I felt the burden rise and float out of the window. It was a beautiful day.

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