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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Major life changes happening in June

I'll guess I'll be writing more often again this month since more major changes are about to occur.

The short story:

1. I'm moving back to my condo.
2. I won't be going back to this school so I'm job hunting again.

The long story:

1. I've been living with a friend for 5 months in a comfortable room paying bare bones rent and I'm grateful. My condo, which I tried to turn over to a "real estate investment" company, is now back in my possession after that company proved to be a sham. There was a tenant in it when I repossessed it and she's been paying rent.

She got married suddenly in April and moved out. We did the walk through 3 days ago. It was emotional for both of us. For her - she's been there for 2 years and liked staying there so much she considered making an offer for it. For me - it's emotional because I've been gone for 2 years and the place has changed a lot.

I started the short sale process two months ago. I can't expect anything to really happen for 6-10 months. So, I'm going to move back to the apartment and save that rent for 6-10 months.

The condo building now suffers from problems such as rodents, thieves abandoning stolen cars in the parking lot, only 30% occupancy, no money for a pool/security guard/weight room/cleaning crews. That's why I said it's different now.

The apartment itself shows signs of wear. The blinds are broken. The carpet is dingier. The thermostat is broken.

The tenant left her fold out couch, which replaces the futon I gave away when I moved out.

So, I'm preparing to go back to no cable, no furniture, dealing with rodents for an indefinite amount of time. I'll be living a barebones life with at least a roof over my head. But practically speaking, I will once again be a homeless teacher.

2. The non-teaching related paperwork required in this position has gotten to be overwhelming. I don't enjoy my job because 80% of it involves not teaching. Case management is not my skill set, so I keep making mistakes related to leaving out a document here, not faxing in a form there, forgetting to email/call/otherwise communicate with someone, and so on.

So the principal asked me yesterday what were my thoughts for next year because the school was willing to put more supports in place for me if I thought I was up to the job. I don't want support in case management - I want to teach. So I appreciated her talking with me, but told her I won't be back.

I feel relieved having said that. I re-contacted another school system that called me in for an interview in the winter. However, until I have a signed contract, I will be without a paycheck soon.

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