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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jefferson's Whimpers

June 21, 2014

Jefferson had surgery today. I wasn’t too concerned, believing by faith that all would go well, until I talked with the vet on the phone after surgery and heard him whimper in the background several times just because of the pain. It was a hernia that he was probably born with, but now it’s all repaired.

Well, yesterday I took myself to the doctor to try to find out again why I have chronic shortness of breath. I went because my health insurance premiums have gone up by more than $40 the past year, so I want to raise the deductible. However, before I do that and have to spend more out of pocket for doctor’s visits, let me get the insurance company to pay as much as I can get them to pay. So, I went back to the doctor.

I had to pay a copay ($35) and get medicine ($50). So when I tried to pay the vet today, my card was declined twice. The horror! I haven’t had my card be declined in soooooo looooong! The humiliation still felt the same.

My first thought was that I didn’t have enough money in checking to cover Jefferson’s bill AND my own doc bill, but that’s not right. I got an extra check from my second job for recently completing PD training. I forgot that was coming. It came just in time to cover my medical bills (which would have been covered by emergency fund money anyway). I can’t figure out why Jefferson's bill was declined other than to remind me how it feels to be broker than I am now.  
I went online, moved some money from the EF to checking (even though there was money in there already), then Jefferson's bill went through. Strange.
For the rest of my life I will hear those whimpers and remember that the reason I missed being there for Jefferson today is because I'm committed to getting out of debt.

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