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Saturday, June 7, 2014

I take back that last post.

June 7, 2014


The same day that I posted about me moving back into the condo, my tenant Asana called and said she needs to move back in. Due to a domestic assault she cannot live with her new husband right now. 

Well, of course I let her. People have to help each other out, and I currently have a place to stay. 

The bind is - I wasn't expecting to pay rent to Jasmine this month, but now I have to. 
I wanted to go to Tennessee for my dog's operation, but I've decided I just won't. I really need to pay down more debts. I have a car note now (which I'm thankful for because It's forcing me to save), student loan repayment begins next month, and the paycheck will end sometime next month. My budget is about to change drastically. 

The reason it puts me in a bind for Asana to stay there is because she hasn't paid April's rent and now she owes for June, too. However, I'm paying rent when I could be living in the condo for free (unethically, but I'm working on that part with the short sale). 

I know she's having financial difficulty, so I waived May's rent in thanks for her taking such good care of the place and because she won't be getting a safety deposit back since she paid that to the scam company that rented the place to her. However, if she's going to stay there, I want rent.

We agreed to talk this weekend. 

No matter what though, I really want to move out from Jasmine's in October and either go back to the condo or live in my car again to save several hundreds dollars a month in housing expenses.

My debts can be divided into two main categories: student loan and house renovations (for parents' house). I may also have to add taxes and HOA fees. 

Why taxes? - If the short sale is completed, I may have to pay taxes on the forgiven debt. 
Why HOA fees? - I'm at least $5000 behind in HOA fees and the short sale probably won't cover that. 

My primary focus is knocking out the renovations. I need money to pour into that - with gazelle intensity.  

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