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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Meal Plan

This week I made a schedule of foods to eat so I won't go hungry. I went 3 days without eating fruits or vegetables, and I was really craving them.

cold cereal or oatmeal
baked sweet potato
pb crackers and applesauce
couscous and grape juice
salad (cranberry spinach, cole slaw, carrot salad)
popcorn and fruit
Biscuits (with sausage, applesauce, or eggs)
rice dish
chips, nuts, and fruit
egg dish (omelet, scrambled with vegetables)
steamed vegetables

pb and fruit, or tv dinner

sauteed spinach or greens
pb and fruit, or tv dinner
tv dinner
steamed broccoli, okra, carrots
deli sandwich
cold cereal or oatmeal
canned soup or chili
pb crackers and applesauce

I made vegetarian chicken cordon bleu in my classroom skillet. That's a dish I was saving to try at the park. However, I've decided a better plan is to make my meals at school and church. I will only use the park and the public grills when I really have to, rather than trying to make them a regular part of my routine. Furthermore, when I cook camp meals, I should try to prepare them in my room first. Chop vegetables and wrap them in foil in my room, season vegetables and put them in bowls, etc. Anything to make this mobile life easier.

Here is some rice I made.
 Here is couscous and spinach.

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