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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

If You Must Be Homeless, Being a Teacher Has Benefits

There are other homeless people with jobs, but being a homeless teacher has some distinct advantages. I’m humbled as I list them:  

One morning, I came to school and had on yesterday’s clothes. I was able to iron and change clothes in my classroom really quickly before school started.

Not only that, in the program that I teach for, I don’t have students yet. They have to be referred and screened. All of that is done without my involvement. So, during the month of September, I’ve been using this available time adjusting to being homeless.

I have access to a lot of useful resources – microwave, fridge, Internet, wi-fi, plugs to charge appliances, heat and AC, good people. I also have a key to the building. Although I try to avoid coming here on weekends and after hours, sometimes I have to.

Finally, I have space to store things. I set up my own kitchen inside my classroom. I have a pantry hidden in my cabinet behind books. I can keep fresh fruit on my desk. I keep my work shoes under my desk and change into them when I arrive each day. I have some items stored in my classroom that I may not use this year, but didn't have room in storage. 

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