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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mom's Hope is My Motivation

November 16, 2013

I got this text from my mom today:

"Talked to the man doing the retaining wall, we r going 2 meet Mon, MOVING ON UP (YES)"

She’s very excited about getting this work done, and so. Am. I.

Her enthusiasm makes all this "sleeping on the back seat" stuff worth it.

I think over the years, I haven’t tried to do more sooner, because I really didn’t know how serious and exasperating the experience has been for her of living in a small room in someone else's house. She hasn't tried to take action sooner because there was no money and no hope in sight.

Once I called in a loan this summer and she heard me make the phone call, she changed. Last month she paid a man to clean out the backyard, and Monday, she's going to have part of the yard leveled so we can install a retaining wall. I didn't even know about this move. She's moving without me! That's a sign of hope.

To catch you up on things, we have a contractor to do work on the house at a reasonable price. I've mailed my mom some money to get started (I took out a line of credit). When she cashes that check (and when the waiting period passes, if the bank imposes one), then the contractor can begin. I think we will get 75% of the work done before Christmas. Wow! That sounds amazing to say, after, what, 8 years of waiting?

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