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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One Month Anniversary as Mobile Homeless Person

I have completed one official month as a mobile homeless person, or maybe I should call myself a car camper. What do I have to celebrate on this one-month anniversary? 

1. I’ve paid off $360 in small bills
2. I've set aside a “Life Happens” Fund of $1000. 
3. I’ve taken back possession of a condo I used to have and it has a rent-paying tenant inside. 
4. Most importantly, I’ve proven to myself that I can survive. I’m off to a good start and I feel a lot of hope and enthusiasm. 

I calculated that by not renting a room I save $13 a day. I save $40 a day not staying in my old studio, closer to $50 a day not staying in a one bedroom apartment and paying utilities. Imagine if I said I’m saving $13 to $50 a day and just putting in savings. That would be phenomenal. That’s what I’m doing by paying off debt – inverted savings.

Using my new classroom kitchen, today I had rice, vegetarian bacon strips, and grapes for breakfast. A real home-cooked breakfast – the first in a month. What a way to congratulate myself for this big move I’ve made towards paying down debt and housing my parents!

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