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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Foreclosure date set, rain, and muscle cramps

November 6

I have a foreclosure date set. My realtor may have a buyer. I’m excited about this information and I hope it all works out in my favor. I hope the bank allows a short sale and we can finish this mortgage issue  in 2014. If I have to pay off part of the property, then I have to add it to my debt thermometer. If I don’t have to pay after the short sale, then I can focus on returning tithes and giving offerings, paying off current debts, and supporting aging parents.

One of my adult students asked me if I like the rain, and I said, “No, it makes everything sticky and wet.” However, as I drove away, I realized I love the rain because it makes it harder for people to see inside my car at night. Every night as I drive to my sleeping place, I pray, “Lord, please make me invisible to everyone – good and bad alike.” 

Over the past two weeks I’ve had two muscle cramps. I had the same thing happen back in August when I started new medications. The pain was so bad that I walked outside for 10 minutes at 2:00 in the morning but I was ready to call an ambulance if it didn’t subside. So, I haven’t taken those new medications recently, but I've had the same muscle cramps recently, and now I think it’s do to iron supplements.  I don’t want to have muscle cramps while in my car, because that may mean getting out of my car quickly and suddenly in the middle of the night and blowing my cover. If I’m in a hospital parking lot, I could try to play it off by walking to the emergency room, but if  a guard actually sees me get out of the back seat of my car he will know that I was sleeping there. 

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