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Sunday, October 19, 2014

House renovations - seeing the finish line

Mama said she would like to get back in her house by the end of the year. Wow, I didn’t think she was expecting it so soon! Since last summer I have not heard her be really unhappy about being at my sister Sasha’s house. I think that’s because she has hope now that she will get back in her own house. That’s the fuel that keeps the fire going.

Truth is, getting back in before year’s end is quite possible now. I can see the finish line.  I just wasn’t rushing it. Again, there won’t be central air conditioning or heat but we grew up using kerosene heaters and a wood stove (which is no longer in the house). My parents are strong and they are survivors, so they will find a way to be comfortable.

They also won’t have regular appliances. They may have to use a cooktop, dorm fridge, and 20 year old microwave. Appliances are expensive (and Mama just likes her 20-year old microwave).

I didn’t want to do any work on the house that required taking out a loan, but it looks like I will have to.  That’s the best way to get work done soon and quickly and still have at least $3K in the savings account at all times for contingencies.

Peace is something that cannot be bought. Peace is something you get when you’re living right. 

When I can buy something and know it’s ok to have it,that's peace. When I can spend money on something expensive and know I have the money to have it, that's peace. 

If others try to convince you to have it, remove yourself and consider what they said, but make your own decision. Don’t make a decision until you feel peace for yourself – a peace you can defend and speak up for. If you have to rationalize a decision, you’re not convinced about it yet. If you have to keep explaining it away until you can convince yourself, then that’s not a peace-filled decision.

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