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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Growing My Character

November 7

Living in my car has helped me grow in a lot of ways, but life is still not all about money, being organized, and survival.

A week ago, I had a disagreement with a coworker  - she thought I was rude to her, I thought she was rude to me.  I know of several incidents with others who don’t get along with her, and some people think she should be reported. I talked to her 1-on-1 this week and she was very responsive and reflective. Having that kind of conversation is not usually my style – I’m not confrontational. However, I care about her and felt that she needs to know that others are thinking of reporting her so she can adjust her ways and keep her job. She ended the conversation with, “Maybe it was God that arranged for us to meet like this because I was supposed to go home 30 minutes ago, but I happened to stay late.” I agree with that.

That conversation was on Nov 3. On Nov 7, I asked my assistant principal to mediate a situation between me and my teachers’ assistant. that was even touchier for me because we work in the same room together. However, the assistant principal wants me to talk to her 1-on-1. I think she has confidence in me and also wants me to grow in this area (or maybe she heard how I talked to the other coworker). I don’t know, but I accept the challenge and my coworker and I will talk this week.

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