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Sunday, November 30, 2014

November monthly reflection

I think I skipped October's monthly update, so here's an update for the past TWO months:

1. saved money by cancelling private health insurance and using the jobs benefits.
2. organized the car trunk so the whole car is cleaner and more organized and less embarrassing or attention-getting. Keeping a cleaner car was also a New Year's resolution.
3. Created a menu plan, consisting of foods I can reasonably keep and prepare at school and in the car, as well as a list of inexpensive, relatively healthy carry-out options
4. My old condo is set to be foreclosed upon on December 3rd. It might be postponed. my real estate agent is really working with me and really working hard. I'm thankful because he is the fourth person I've gotten to help me in the past 4 years, but he is the only one that has been able to truly help me. 6. I'm counting the months until I can move back into an apartment. In about 5 more months my parents should be able to move into their own place, I will have two thirds of the money I need for a new car when this one dies, I will have no credit card debt, and I should be able to pay the current debt payments until they are paid off completely. I will have to save up money closer to apartment move-in date to buy furnishings. If the foreclosure happens or the short sale happens and I still owe debt as a result, that will drastically change things. I may consider staying in an apartment short term and returning to my car next winter. That's a whole year away so let's see what happens in the next 6 months.

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