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Sunday, June 26, 2016

need to create

To create a new product, I have to be around creative people who are creating. I’m surrounded by creative people with awesome ideas. However, they want to be rich one day, so they keep a tight lid on their ideas. That would be ok if they were moving forward with their ideas but they’re not creating anything. 

However, the people at tech shops and fab labs are sharing their ideas, often freely. Others protect their ideas, then share. They are not all trying to create money – they just need to create. I need that energy. I’m willing to share some of my ideas because I realize that most products are not very lucrative and don’t have a lot of potential. It’s better for me to get feedback and improve at crafting than to stay secretive and not develop my talent.

I made a bowl out of silicone yesterday. I made a caddy to keep my condiments in, too (out of cardboard). I am creating. Eventually that will create a larger income. 

In fact I was going to store my science and art materials in storage and move my books and papers to my new room that I'm going to rent. It dawned on me last night that the creative materials need to be with me in the room, and the books can go in storage. I need to create daily and whenever inspiration strikes!

A website called Instructables offers online classes in Woodworking, electronics, and more. I want to sign up for the classes but they require obtaining tools. I will try to buy used tools on Freecycle and Craigslist.

My prayer is for more ideas and an understanding of how to create them - not just more money.

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