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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Baby Steps for Health

So, in May, I was feeling very easily tired. I had 10 headaches a day and could hear my heart beating in my ears. I left school early to visit the doctor and he called me back into his office the next day with orders to go get an iron infusion immediately. 

I've been getting infusions about once every 10 days since then. In fact, I went last Friday and go back again tomorrow morning. 

I wondered, What if there were baby steps for looking out for your health like there are for your money. Some could argue that the 8 laws of health are like baby steps. However, I was thinking more of a Dave Ramsey sequential, gazelle intense Baby Step Health program. 

So, in my creative way, I came up with these steps. 

1. Know current health status (weight, vitamin amounts, hydration, and sugar intake). Visit with doctors (eye, health, dentist, hairstylist, dermatologist), and print insurance cards.

2. Set goals based on these doctor visits and your personal desires. Plan how to monitor and measure (self-made charts, doctor visits, quizzes online, online trackers).

3. Establish meal plans. Establish systems for preparing them (containers, times, storing foods)  

4. Exercise plan - stamina, strength, suppleness. Plan exercises for the future and equipment needed (swimming, lessons, hiking, skating)

5. Budget money for health needs. Plan how to do what you can do in the meantime. (save $500 for new glasses and $2000 for dental implant. Save in HSA).

6. Buy equipment needed (scales, food containers, workout clothes) 

7. Share the love with others (invite them along, share online)

I’m on steps 3 and 4. I visited all of my doctors. I haven't been to the optometrist in 9 years or the dentist in 4. However, both reported that my eyes and teeth were great! I still need that dental implant and my glasses are so old that the film has come off one lens and both lens have small scratches in them. 

I started taking iron supplements again and aiming to eat healthier. 

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