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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Monthly reviews are back!

30- day review

I stopped doing these. I will start again because I need to start running like a gazelle again. If I had been running in January, I would have spent the money that I spent on this new-to-me car and bought a dental implant, appliances for parents, and eyeglasses (with moneyleft over). Oh, well. I'm back now and that's what matters most at this point.

I started FPU in May for the first time. I've never studied past step 3 and thos first 4 classes were like an invigorating review. I started using envelopes again. I started cooking at home again and saving money. I threw out a little food in the fridge, but started using up other food before it goes bad.

The 4th class got me motivated to think more about my money and what I can do better. It was about insurance. I have an appointment tomorrow to talk with an insurance agent about term life insurance for myself. I rewrote my will and mentioned to my parents that when I come visit this summer, I wnat to talk with them about long term care.

I have vigorously worked on invention ideas so I can improve my income. I  spent $37 on graphic designers to mockup my ideas so I can see them in a realistic form.

My debt is the same as it was about 6 months ago. I made no extra payments all year. So, I made a new payoff goal and asked my mom to be my accountability partner.

I am moving out of this basement before July. notified my current landlord and found a room for $75 less (that includes the cost of keeping my belongings in storage because the new place will be a lot smaller). I will be able to keep Jefferson there (as long as he gets along with the new landlord's dog).

My goal is to pay an extra $550 towards debt a month. How will I do that?
I will pay $75 less in rent and save on gas each month being closer to work.
I will get a cost-of-living increase when school starts again.
I will stop making car payments to myself and start using that money for extra debt payments.
I will also consider selling this car that I bought in January and start driving the Honda again (the original plan was to sell the Honda, but I've realized I really like it better. I guess you really bond with your car when you sleep together for months at a time).

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