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Friday, July 22, 2016

My car philosophy versus Dave Ramsey's car philosophy

I have my Honda back and plan to keep it until it officially dies or starts having serious safety problems (like shutting off on me, which it definintely does not do). I have decided that my car philosophy is to buy like-new with cash and warranty and keep for 15 years - not as DR says to buy a cheap car that may need more repair costs that it's worth. I will risk buying a beater car only if I needed something temporary to get me from A to B and could live without any needed repairs. For example, this Mitsubishi - since I let a certain mechanic touch it - now goes dead after 20 hours of not being cranked. I don't plan to get the problem fixed - I'll just ensure that I drive it daily and keep it cranked on a regular. Then I'll sell it.

I made this decision after reading a long post in a Facebook group where a lady bought a used car and had significant cost and safety problems with it. Then she ended up taking out a loan for a newer, stress-free car. That's worth it's cost.

Here's the whole post:

We bought a used car for $3200 about 3 weeks ago and today found out it needs $4000 in repairs. Its basically a piece of junk. 😕
Sandra Aguilar Get a different quote $4000 is a lot
LikeReply2June 29 at 11:47pm
Marie Huizar The quote is from the dealership. No matter what-the problem is going to cost thousands to fix
Laura Galvond I'm just reading down the comments now, so I hope someone already said this but dealerships are notoriously expensive. Check with independent shops with good reputations - always look at what they charge hourly for labor (dealerships are the most expensive on labor and parts normally).
Jackie Mann
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Jenn Farooq the dealership is the most expensive place to get a car fixed.
Megan Franklin-Moran Not always true but usually yes. They are usually cheaper for us with the tundra. When a mechanic tells me they have to do anything with the engine in order to get to something I automatically take it to the dealer. We get told it's so expensive because tundra s are harder to work on. I figure the dealer is an expert in Toyota so it should be cheaper. Always has been for us
LikeReply1June 30 at 12:19am
Anna Murray Any foreign shop can fix a tundra. Dealerships are premium prices. My husband is a mechanic and he works on all our friends stuff. They call everytime they leave the dealership with a ridiculous quote . He is always will over 1/2 cheaper. Note my husband isn't even a passenger vehicle mechanic but a diesel mechanic and works on all makes and models.
Jackie Mann
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Karla Jenkins Go to a good independent shop. Ask around.
LikeReply8June 29 at 11:50pm
Jenn Farooq you can also buy your own parts and just pay for the labor
LikeReply3June 29 at 11:51pm
Marie Huizar I know the dealership is expensive. I guess we could ask one more place. But either way it'll probably be at least $2000. It needs a new catalytic converter. BUT the previous owner welded it to other pipes under the hood-yes welded. So all of those parts need replacing
Mary Beth Barbagallo Oh. My. Goodness. That's awful.
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Marie Huizar Yes I know
Jackie Mann
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Jenn Farooq I am sorry hun. It is a sucky situation. Shop around, see about buying your own parts, and remember you can negotiate and ask for a discount. People often forget that you can haggle at some shops. Also ask around to see if anyone you know likes working on cars and if they are willing to look at it.
Mary Beth Barbagallo I've tried 2 shops other than the dealer. prices from both are 1/2 the dealer cost. Plus if you buy parts from the shop, they often have rewards programs. Or if you buy from e-bay, there's always swagbucks.
LikeReply1June 29 at 11:58pm
Marie Huizar We have already put $550 into it. I'm just so tired of old cars. We are this 👌 close to going and financing a used but more reliable car 
LikeReply4June 30 at 12:00am
Rebecca Carter I love Dave's principals but there are some times you have to make them work for your family and your situation. The hardcore people here are going to tell you NEVER FINANCE DAVE SAYS AND HIS WORD IS EVERYTHING!!! Yes we want to get out of debt but we ...See More
LikeReply12June 30 at 7:01am
Marie Huizar Rebecca Carter exactly my point
Jackie Mann
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Marie Huizar It also needs a new srs control unit. Without it the airbags won't deploy. With labor the dealership quoted me $1250. I see online it is $400 for the part
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Anna Murray Check a salvage yard. Not all parts have to be new.
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Jackie Mann
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Marie Huizar Idk what to do. I just have so much on my plate right now and I'm trying to get through the last 6 months of RN school with a 7 month old, I'm hardly working, husband is changing jobs to less pay but better benefits, we might get custody of my stepson, we both have 2 old cars that need thousands in repairs, $21K in debt already and a $137K mortgage.
LikeReply1June 30 at 12:04amEdited
Mary Beth Barbagallo I hear ya. The key to retaining your sanity is finding a good, honest, reasonable mechanic. Dealers are a-w-f-u-l. I don't go there unless I have to (if something is computerish and needs "flashing" there's not many other options). I wish you lived aro...See More
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Mary Beth Barbagallo Try Yelp! reviews. That's how I found my shop.
LikeReply1June 30 at 12:04am
Marie Huizar I will call a couple of places tomorrow. Thank you. Gonna try and get some sleep for a quiz tomorrow and test Friday!:/ hopefully the CRV will get us where we need to go.
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Winter Young Dont use a dealer and get the parts yourself. Get several bids from several mechanics. Maybe you can get referalls from local fb groups for good reliable mechanics.
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Marie Huizar It's not that easy to just "shop around". Does anyone here have to have a reliable car? We do. The crv keeps dying when it gets hot. I can't keep taking it to places and calling places. I'm trying to get through school. I can't just keep driving it and...See More
UnlikeReply3June 30 at 12:09amEdited
Jay Michael Rainey You don't have to have a $10000 car with a loan to have a reliable car. I have two that we paid cash for. The first I have only had for about two months which is a 2010 Chevy cobalt with 75000 miles that I bought for $3000.

I bought a 2007 Toyota Scienna with 165000 miles cash for $5750 and have but about 25000 miles on it and drove from sc to Indiana 5 times.

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Anna Murray We buy disposable commuters. We drive a hundred miles round trip a day. Bought a long wheel base truck for 1k, drove it 2 years and sold it for 1k. Bought an 800 tahoe. Drive it for over a year and it's up for sale for 3500. But a small passenger truck (only because my husband planned to use the engine from Tahoe in his project truck) paid 1000. 00 for this truck and no problems at all.
Jackie Mann
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Winter Young I was just giving you a suggestion. I thought you were asking for advice. Excuse me for misunderstanding.
LikeReply6June 30 at 12:09am
Winter Young And yes I absolutely have to have reliable vehicles. When we need work done we shop around.
LikeReply1June 30 at 12:10am
Marie Huizar But do you shop around in a car that actually works? Lol. What do you do if that car breaks down? How do you get to where you need to go while you're shopping around and it's getting repaired?
Jackie Mann
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Karen Shofner So sorry hon. We've been there. We bought a 'Dave' car for $1,300. My hubby drove it for 4 days and it blew up on the Highway. Sold it for $300 : /
LikeReply3June 30 at 12:10am
Marie Huizar Lol this made me laugh! I'm glad I'm not the only one!
LikeReply1June 30 at 12:10am
Michelle Karstensen Frahm Yep, the trans went out of my hubby a Dave car, on our way home from picking it up!! Luckily he knew the guy we bought it from so he gave us some of the money back to have it fixed
Jackie Mann
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Marie Huizar I can maybe take it to two places tomorrow even though what I should be doing is studying for a test i have Friday.
Jackie Mann Do lemon laws apply here, anyone?
Harvie Schreiber Probably not. Very few states have lemon laws for used cars ... they are usually sold "as is."
LikeReply4June 30 at 12:24amEdited
Jackie Mann Thanks. I was about to ask you to explain. The article I linked to said six states have created laws regarding used cars because they realize those customers need protection the most.
Jackie Mann
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Belinda Fountaine Ok get a detailed diagnostic of what's wrong with it then get onto the phone and your local fb groups and ask for an estimate for repair. Another option is your local training institute that trains mechanics might be willing to do it cheap.
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Joyce Robbins That's my point in buying cheap used cars. You usually end up putting lots of money in them.
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Marie Huizar What do you think I should do?
Joyce Robbins I don't know. Sorry, but I have no advice. I was merely reiterating about cheap used cars. People make it sound so easy to go buy a 2,000 used car that runs great. Can hardly find that price in my area; also, if you do, it's a real junker. So sorry you're having this bad experience.
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Jackie Mann
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Jenn Farooq I thought you were looking for advice too. I apologize if you were not. I understand you are frustrated and I get where you are coming from. I assumed you didn't have the 4000$ to get it fixed and was just offering ways to lower the cost. I've been there before. Some times it has been so bad we had to buy parts from the junkyard and figure it out ourselves. It's a crappy situation and I hope it gets better for you.
LikeReply4June 30 at 12:24am
Mona Wheeler lol buying junk yard parts and figuring it out is our standard mode of operation. lol not just the "its so bad i had to..." plan. its plan A for us! lol
Jackie Mann
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Marie Huizar My point is I just don't have time for these issues. Like I said I'm in RN school with 6 months left and that alone is super stressful. Idk how long it's going to take to get fixed if I take it somewhere else. And we need a reliable car. I just feel like I can't win when it comes to cars. Either you have a car payment or you have repairs. And a lot of times you have both!
Jackie Mann I found that some states have mandatory lemon laws on used cars (not just new ones). Check out this article and see if it applies to you.

LikeReply1June 30 at 12:25am
Jackie Mann Im Sorry that wasn't helpful. Can you tell me why?
Jackie Mann
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Marie Huizar Yes I guess I'm looking for advice and to vent. I'm just really frustrated i apologize for my attitude.
Mary Beth Barbagallo My only advice is please, please, please do not go to the dealer. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who would take longer or charge more.
LikeReply4June 30 at 12:32am
Jessica Adams SO SORRY you are dealing with this in addition to everything else going on! I seriously hate car issues more than is a site I found useful last time we bought advice was to have a mechanic check it out first. One of the cars I was looking at LOOKED great on the surface but had thousands in work that needed to be done. 😠

Before you start shopping for a used car, do some homework. It may save you serious money. Consider…
LikeReply2June 30 at 12:36am
Elizabeth Alexander Since you know what parts need to be replaced you can call around for quotes on those parts/labor. I seriously suggest looking for 5 star mechanics on Yelp and a lot offer discounts for first time customers. Almost all shops will be cheaper than the de...See More
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Mary Beth Barbagallo Marie, I pm-ed you.
LikeReply1June 30 at 1:02am
Marie Huizar I'm just so tired of old cars. I feel like I've been driving them all my life. I want to start visiting my home state every year next year, 800 miles away and I don't trust these cars to do that in with me and my family's lives and safety
LikeReply1June 30 at 1:13am
Marisol Rosales Junk yard. Thats were we get alot of parts. We bought a truck also last year from the government. Their cop cars. The truck was like 7k. Wr have had no probs and they are honest about condition unlike buying it off craigslist or something.
LikeReply1June 30 at 1:48am
Marisol Rosales Also my dad bought a small car for 5k. Had 42k miles. No issues at all. Its rare but it does happen.... People are desperate for money and sell their cars for cheap in excellent condition because they need the money quick for an emergency. You just ha...See More
Chantal Stevens We bought mine for 1000 and it's needs 4000 in repairs sorry it happened to you
Avery Naomi Bernstein For when you travel, just rent. Even though we have newer cars, we almost always rent for long trips. I keep my eyes open for coupons.
LikeReply4June 30 at 2:59am
Anna Witte this is why I am buying a new car
LikeReply5June 30 at 4:17am
Pollyanna Thibodeau i bought a 2600 dollar car 2 yrs ago and i have only had a few minor repairs and every tire has been replaced in the first 6 months of having it.
LikeReply2June 30 at 5:10am
Katie Blount Have you tried talking to the people who sold it to you ? Maybe they can give you insight to who welded it and why?

What year crv?

LikeReply1June 30 at 5:12am
Anna Witte I say either sue them or be done with car that not worth it.
Cara Davies This was me last summer -- bought a $5000 minivan from a sweet local mama and immediately had to put $3000 in repairs into it.  But ever since that I've only had to make minor fixes that haven't cost much, and I'm sure I would have needed to make repairs on an $8,000 van too... So I try not to feel bad about it and just love my cash car as-is! 
LikeReply3June 30 at 5:44am
Jacklyn R Sanchez My opinion is not DR, but with a 7 month old I would have gone and financed something. I will not take a chance with a car when I have a baby.
LikeReply6June 30 at 6:03am
Scott Penner The dealerships service departments job is to scare you into going and financing another new car. Take it to another shop.
LikeReply8June 30 at 6:06am
Alison Norris Isn't there a "lemon law"? Does it apply to you?
Emily Kiger Clevenger You should have any used car looked at by a mechanic before buying. I luckily have my husband! Lol
Betty Gonzalez Those Dave Cars are one big gamble. I know everybody's situation is different but sometimes is better to buy something a little bit more reliable and finance it. Your debts are not too bad, only $21k and a mortgage. Buy something that will give you a peace of mind especially because you have a baby. Just my humble opinion.
LikeReply3June 30 at 6:22amEdited
Nichelle Hopscotch It is totally possible to get a cheap but good car. You have to do your due diligence of shopping around, being patient and getting the car looked at. Buying a used car from a private party and not having it looked at is asinine.

There is nothing wro...See More

LikeReply2June 30 at 6:36am
Kelly Monahan Wirth Getting any car inspected before purchase is a must. Did you do that?
LikeReply1June 30 at 6:38am
Melissa Betterly-Sherman I will never buy a Dave car. Saw this happen to too many people. Sorry you went through this.
LikeReply5June 30 at 6:45am
Christi Jo Cross-Parnell Im just going to throw this out there--- my neice went into parts store and needed a specific part. Clerk told her price which was out of her budget. Her husband went in and the clerk gave him a $30 lower price!!! That was just not right!!
LikeReply1June 30 at 7:11am
Marie Huizar I'll get the car today and call a couple of places but at this point I'm pretty much done with the car. I need to be focusing my energy on a test I have tomorrow not worrying about this!
Kristen Blake I bought a car last year for 5600. went to midas for their free inspection and was quoted 4000 in repairs. never fixed anything until this year. and only spend 1800. runs just fine!
LikeReply1June 30 at 7:24am
Marie Huizar The car doesn't run just fine. It dies while driving even while on the highway. And airbags don't work
Jim King You dont need a catalytic converter unless you need to pass emissions testing. Its not the most environmentally friendly either. What else is wrong with it.
LikeReply2June 30 at 7:28am
Jonathan Brown Check with your local high school's auto shop
LikeReply1June 30 at 8:22am
Melaine Richey We have put so much money into old cars just for them to break again the next month. Never again! When I added all the money we spent we could have had a car payment with only 2% interest over a couple years and it would have been way easier and less s...See More
LikeReply3June 30 at 8:45amEdited
Suzy Blakely Duhme yeah...i am sorry about Dave but having a pretty reliable car is worh a whole bunch of money in MY book. HE certainly isn't going to come get me when i get stranded somewhere.
LikeReply4June 30 at 8:38am
Marie Huizar Dave tells you to buy a cheap car but he doesn't tell you how! Now I know what needs to be done next time we buy a cheap used car. We need to be patient and do our research and take our time. But unfortunately we aren't in a place to do that. We need good reliable cars like yesterday.
LikeReply1June 30 at 8:56amEdited
Marie Huizar I just can't "get a ride with a friend" what the heck I'm gonna have my friend drive me around to work/school/daycare/errands. Who has time for that. Maybe when I was 18, I'm 33 in August
LikeReply1June 30 at 8:57amEdited
Scott Penner Dave NEVER says to buy an unreliable car! He says you may need to buy an ugly car that is mechanically strong. He says to look for a car that some granny drove twice a week, once to the bank, and once to church.
LikeReply6June 30 at 8:57am
Marie Huizar We don't have anyone to help us or guide us or mentor us. We're basically on our own learning everything as we go. Not just with money and finances.
LikeReply1June 30 at 9:00am
Nichelle Hopscotch Google is a great reaource. You can type questions and hundreds of responses appear.
LikeReply1June 30 at 9:05am
James Hurley Lemon law you got 30 days
Mary Anderson we bought a Dave car, $ 1600 Crown Vic 5 years ago and paid cash, they will run for ever... always starts even in our cold winter, it has been totaled by someone hitting the back corner, we received $ 2500 for it from the other guys insurance, my h...See More
LikeReply2June 30 at 9:45am
Marie Huizar I'm going to just probably finance a newer used car and buy the warranty for peace of mind and start seeing a Christian financial advisor in my area. There.
Harvie Schreiber MODERATOR NOTE: While you are, of course, free to finance a vehicle (Dave Ramsey recommends against that) and free to purchase the warranty (another thing Dave Ramsey recommends against), the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps DO work and we urge others to follow them.
LikeReply8July 1 at 10:06am
Harvie Schreiber Comments turned back on at Marie's request.
Marie Huizar Hello sorry I had to turn off commenting as I needed to focus on my test I took today. Anyway I called my brother this morning and he said the welding of parts under the hood is not an uncommon thing to do. He said people do it to save money and that h...See More
UnlikeReply6July 1 at 3:53pm
Marie Huizar The shop couldn't find the issue and it never acted up on them. My husband was driving it home and it died on him while on the road 🙄
LikeReply1July 2 at 12:46pmEdited
Eric von Allmen I am so sorry this happened to you .. This is why i buy new and drive it for 10 yrs or more,,no more buying other peoples problems.IF you cant go new, then something a few yrs. unf. buying a 3K car , things like this happen which is why they are for sale to start with
LikeReply3July 2 at 6:53pm
Chris O'Neal I buy all my vehicles from a used car dealer that we go to church with and who I went to school with his kids. They sell mostly newer low mileage stuff at a lower than brand new price. They even bought back the car my wife had gotten from them do she could buy her mom's 2012 Tahoe for only 16000 and it only had 38000 miles on it.
Marie Huizar My husband changed out the fuel pump relay himself for $50 and it seems to have helped. No dying on the way to work today!
LikeReply5July 5 at 7:30am
Sabrina Wilson This use to happen to me. There was trash in the gas tank. Plugging up where the gas needs to go to make it run.
LikeReply1July 5 at 10:37am
Marie Huizar Car died on him at lunch and wont start. Calling tow truck now. FYI we financed a car on Saturday because we wanted to and I'm glad we did!
Jackie Mann Thanks for sharing your story. Your issues with the car gave me a lot to think about. I was saving up to pay cash for a used car. I think I'll save up to pay cash for a new car instead. I didn't want the depreciation, but I think I'd rather just drive a new car for 10 years.
LikeReply3July 6 at 9:28pmEdited

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