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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Getting Ready to Move

I’m moving out so that I can bring Jefferson back with me. Staying here in this basement has helped me stay on budget. Moving into a new place won’t save me much moolah. My goal is to increase income by creating a product to sell. I’ll see how it goes for 3-6 months then decide if I should stay in my car for a few months to pay off some debt. If I don’t create a product, I think that’s what I’ll do.

I’m going to keep Jefferson with me for a while. He's 10 years old. I've got to enjoy these last few years. 

I regret buying that car now. That was dental implant money and kitchen appliance money. However, I was not focusing on being gazelle intense anymore (these last 2 debts will take years to pay off, and it’s not easy for me to stay focused or motivated that long with so little movement (maybe for some people it is, but not for me)).

So, I’m back on track. I’m taking the FPU class and the biggest take-away so far is to get my insurance life in order. It’s almost there. It wasn’t too hard since I’ve done so much in the past to improve my organization level. Information was pretty easy to find. 

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