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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New shower curtains!

January 5 Great news! The gym got new shower curtains - cloth ones. Suddenly, the shower water tastes warmer and better, my own shower towel felt softer to the touch, and I was completely hidden in the shower - unlike before. I like the curtain so much I think I could stay in my car for the rest of the year! Nah, just kidding. I worked at my school for 9 hours tonight not leaving till 3 in the morning, I needed a place to nap for 2 hours and I wanted to sleep in the front seat. I couldn't risk staying in the hospital or my usual neighborhood because I might be discovered and then I can't stay there anymore. So I drove to a 24-hour IHOP. I went out of my way to get there. So why were there 7 police cars in the parking lot? Fortunately, there was a hotel next door. I parked in the space between the hotel, IHOP, and some other businesses. I gave my family a heads up that I was coming back to fetch Jefferson in April. I look forward to being back in an apartment. I could move in now, I suppose, However, it makes no sense to move in in the dead of winter. I would spend so much unnecessary money just keeping warm. It's much cheaper to heat up my small car.

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