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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Knocking off the student loans now...

December 19, 2015 I just discovered a great new idea - get dressed at night in whatever clothes I plan to wear the next day. Up till now, I’ve been sleeping in whatever I wore that day. I changed in the morning in my car sometimes. However, if I change I night, I’m less likely to be seen changing. Short sale – the bank is doing stuff and so is my realtor, but I have no clue how this will end. We've paid $1600 in student loan interest this year. That should max out my student loan interest deduction this year. It feels good to hit my finances on two fronts like that – paying down debt and making a smart tax move. We have used 22 months of forebearance and have 14 left. with forebearance no application is necessary and I am responsible for interest on subsidenized loans. With deferments, the government pays inters with subsidized loans and there is no limit to deferment time when I am in school.

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