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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Looking forward to an apartment

January 10 Last night was down in the single digits, but I was warm in my sleeping bag. Woke up at 6 o'clock - started the day doing laundry, gassing up the car, and running some errands. 2 hour delay at school. Tonight I went to the hospital to sleep. it was full of snow plows pushing snow out of the way. I sleep right next to a parking garage that is for doctors only. snowplow was pushing snow off the top of the garage right onto the spot where I usually park. I didn't hang around to see how long it would take them to finish and leave. there have been nights when I've been very sleepy driving around looking for a place to sleep either because there was a problem with the hospital or my old neighborhood. So, I decided to go ahead and sleep somewhere else (not the hospital) while I still alert enough to drive safely. I really look forward to being back in an apartment in April. I don't look forward to spending 1200 dollars for an apartment. I'm seriously considering just coming back and living in my car every winter. 6 months in an apartment and six months in my car. that's like giving myself a 7000 dollar bonus every year.

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