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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Daddy's in the hospital

One side effect of living in my car is it has helped me work on being more organized with time and belongings. The project today is eliminating old cassettes and floppy disks (yes, I said floppy disks). I started digitizing my old cassettes 3-4 years ago, saving old songs onto my computer. However, I stopped for two years. Now, that I'm doing it again, I realized that many of these songs were popular and on Youtube or Grooveshark now and they are NOT going away. There is not point in digitizing them. That revelation is saving me a lot of time. I'm focusing on saving old sermons, recordings of me and my siblings when we were children, and other hard-to-replace audio. One thing that is more important to declutter than my car, storage unit, or classroom is my soul. I read an update on Sandy Patty's blog that reminded me of this ( I have to decide what to keep, toss, or donate from my life. I need to work on throwing away wounds, slights, wrong decisions, adn broken relationships. Which brings me to a more important matter. My dad went into the ICU Wednesday because of diabetes complications. I researched flight options and informed my job that I may be taking off some days. Then it dawned on me that I could use technology to visit him in the hospital. I didn't mind spending $640 dollars for airfare plus more for a rental car, but my mom and Sasha assured me that he was getting better and better as the hours passed by so I chose the technology option. However, Google hangouts is terrible. After several hours of failing to get it to work, Aunt and Uncle Theo and I just downloaded Skype on our devices and practiced making Skype calls so that we can all visit with Daddy. Video chatting with him was my one goal yesterday, and it didn't even happen because the folks down South didn't have it and couldn't figure out how to get it in time. They were also busy with other tasks throughout the day. No one realized how much it hurt me not to be able to see Daddy yesterday. I cried before I went to bed. This morning, I'm over it. I'm thankful that I have my dad here still, and if I didn't have technology, I would be happy to just hear updates from people (Daddy can't talk, so that's another reason video-chatting was so important 0 so I could SEE him). So, I'll still be content. I'll also be focused on the day when there will be no need for hospitals and virtual visits.

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