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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Two Deposit Slips

Here are two  receipts I was about to throw away recently, but I wanted to share the change that financial discipline makes.

In September, when I started following Dave Ramsey's advice (also the advice given by Michelle Singletary), my bank account balance was $6.65! By mid-November, it was $2,000. All past due bills were paid up and I had $1000 in an emergency fund. This is tangible evidence of the difference that having gazelle intensity can make.

I have since added another $1000 to the emergency fund, deciding that $1000 wasn't enough for a car breakdown or emergency trip down South or doctor's visit. With my final paycheck, I have enough to cover expenses for two months (if I'm not paying rent). It feels good to not be in such dire straits as I once was.

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