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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Silver Linings

(I started this post, then forgot to post it). 

So, trying to find some good stuff in this lay-off, and it's not hard to find. 

I started recording sessions with my kids. One school district wants recordings, and, to be honest, more of them might want that as well. Also, recordings help me to be a better teacher. Without this layoff, I would not have made that a priority in my teaching growth. It takes practice to get it right and get kids used to being taped. I had to start early as possible and do some retakes.

One of my coworkers just showcased this great website that she built for us coworkers in November (then she was laid off). I've started creating an online portfolio using the same website that she did. I've been wanting to create an online portfolio of my teaching, so that's an idea that’s overdue. It will make applying for jobs easier than trying to carry around a paper portfolio. Many places want some things sent online anyway.

I applied to 2 schools online. I see that they are asking for student achievement data. I don’t see anyone asking about samples of student work. It's good that I noticed this early on so I won't waste time gathering information I don't need and neglect to get the information that I DO need. So, I sat down with the educational specialist yesterday and we analyzed the data and crunched numbers. 

As a sped teacher, my successes may involve examples of one student here and one student there, so I need to find a format for putting together that information.
I need to get the information together and one big binder (I was using two before). I need to scan evaluations and ditch the originals. I can scan student achievement data as well. I need to keep original test scores and transcripts, student work, license, Also post on the website my resume (not references). I keep a file of answers to essay questions people are asking. I also need my teaching philosophy. I need to publish an article, or  need to create learning materials and setup my self as someone other teachers come to  in order to purchase helpful resources.

This is tiring, and filling out applications was boring. I have college coursework that’s due on Sunday. I really need to work on that. however, the support I’ve gotten from my school is so overwhelmingly supportive it makes this a lot easier.

I prayed in Septmeber, “God, I’ve done all I can now to help msyefl financially. I’ve given up a place to stay – there is nothing more I can do. Nothing more I can give up or cut out of the budget. I need You to step in and help me now.” Maybe this is His way.

If I get a good-paying job, I’m so tempted to just get an apartment and stop the car-thing, but I really need to persevere until the end with the whole debt-paydown thing. I don’t want to be in this situation again.

I don’t think I’ll apply for anymore jobs until I file unemployment because they want to see that I apply twice a week, and I need my efforts to count for something (like an unemployment check). I mean, if I get a decent job offer then that makes up for it all, but I can’t accept the first thing that comes along. I’m putting $50K on my applications as my desired salary. That might make them scoff. What would the unemployment office say if I turned down a lower salary than the one I am making now?

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