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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Been Down South and Back

December 20, 2013

My last official day on the clock. I am in the South where I don’t have to think about being homeless for a while. I can stretch out on beds, air mattresses, and couches for the next two weeks. Cooking and laundry facilities are readily available.

I brought back all food that was in the refrigerator at the school. I packed the food in 3 different insulated lunch bags. The cabinet food filled up one suitcase (30 pounds). I started eating food that I brought in the lunch bags and cooking with some of the ingredients that I brought down South. No one asked me why I brought food with me. 

January 7, 2014

I spent Christmas break with the family in another state down South. It was a great break. I caught up on the assignments in my online class. So far, my score in that class is a 50%. I really got behind with the whole job-lay off. However, during the break, I worked on some future assignments.

I left my car at Aunt and Uncle Theo’s house. I asked Aunt Theo and that was ok with her. I didn’t ask Uncle Theo to look after the car. I didn’t offer him the car keys in case it needs to be moved. I didn’t ask him to keep an eye on the plastic I put over the dent in the trunk so rain doesn’t get inside the trunk. I didn’t want to ask for anything.

I’m happy with the work being done on my parents’ house. Now my parents have gotten a notice saying they have to go to court about a property they own that’s been vacant for years. The city may tear it down, then charge them for it. I wish I had the means to help them with that property, too.

I won’t say a lot about the stay down South since this blog is mostly about my experiences living in my car. Now, I’m back up north and I’ve been staying with Jasmine for two nights. A historically chilling weather pattern has passed across the country and the temperatures where in the single digits last night. Jasmine and her husband were worried about me and invited me to stay, and I’m not crazy. 

I have nowhere to go during the day (when I would normally go to work). My plan during this layoff was to hang out at fast food restaurants, libraries, parks (with the car running), and store parking lots (same). However, I am thankful to be sitting her in my pink-flowered long johns and bare feet on a queen size bed with cable tv across the room.

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