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Monday, November 18, 2013

My Weekend Restaurant on the Grill

November 16, 2013

Today I experimented with weekend cooking. Again, cooking on a grill will just be for times when I really have to. I don’t plan for it to be my regular thing, but since the weather was close to 60 degrees and feeling good, it was a good day to practice for colder times to come – when I need to boil water for a cup of tea or heat a bowl of soup during the snow.

Cooking Type
I couldn’t get the charcoal to light up this time. It rained overnight and I think it got wet when I put it in the grill and that killed it. 
concentrated dry fuel that I got from Freecycle
This stuff has a cute little stove that comes with it. I’d love to get it to work. It looks amazingly light to carry and simple to use. The box of fuel claims it burns as hot as gas. I couldn’t get it to light at all. I’ll have to find videos on Youtube and see what I’m doing wrong.
sterno cans
Easy – shmeasy! It took two cans to boil a pot of water – but I think stainless steel was the wrong pot to use. Sterno easily warmed up a ceramic bowl of soup. It was good and hot! I should the ceramic pot next time for boiling water.

I put the boiled water in a bag of Coleman dehydrated food – chili. Not to my taste. Seasoned well, but I like more corn in my chili – or cheese. I was good and full when done, though.

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