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Friday, October 28, 2016

October review

October review

1. I have been paying $100 a week on my bank loan to decrease the interest charged by hitting the principal more frequently. One week I paid $700.

2. I designed a t-shirt and posted it online for sale. I attended a women's entrepreneurs meeting and shared my elevator pitch with 10 women, then I asked for help creating a tagline.

3. Consistently came home and worked in the evenings. Created goals and met goals related to my own business.

4. Created a blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook accounts. I have 61 Twitter followers and 12 FB likes.

I'm aiming to earn $500 this week from my t-shirt campaign. I will use it to give to Aunt and Uncle and say thanks for letting me stay when I really needed a place and this is a gift. Later, I'd like to give $500 to my  friend who let me stay with her as well.

I am inviting people to submit t-shirt ideas for future t-shirts. I want to pay people $500 for ideas. I could offer to share the income 50/50, but I'm so passionate about this side interest and putting so much time and attention to it that it may be an unfair deal to go 50/50.

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