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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Life is Richer With Pets

I'm excited! I started a new blog today! It's a topic that I'm passionate about and I can think of countless blog posts, so many that I can't list them on or even organize all the topics I'm finding to blog about.

I have started 4 unsuccessful blogs in the past, then this 1 which is 3 years and 190 posts long. I feel proud.

Today my new site went live. I came home and treated it like a part time job. I posted an introduction post. I joined Wordless Wednesday and posted a pic. I setup my Facebook page and read about how to improve a blog. Then I found out about FinCon 2017 and BlogPaws Conference 2017 and made it a goal to attend both ($200 a piece if I register this month).

I'm excited and look forward to coming "back to work" tomorrow evening.

Here are some preliminary goals for the blog:
1. Help people as evidenced by a following of 20K on any 1 social media type
2. Earn $2K a month through ads, selling products, or writing articles for other media
3. Reach the first 2 goals in 200 days (May 1. That's 100 new followers a day). \

Let me explain why this moment is so momentous.

This weekend after 3 years of living without my beloved Jefferson because I was paying down debt, I decided at the last minute to hop in my car after work and drive down South for the Columbus Day Weekend and pick up my baby.

So, here he is under my feet, bathed and ready for his 3rd walk of the day. I'm feeling so blessed and excited that this major part of my debt-free journey is apparently over. Jefferson did his part by putting up with a less than ideal living arrangement. Now, I'm going to share my experience with others who are getting out of debt with a pet. It's a great feeling to know that as difficult as the decision was to separate from him for a time, that this experience could be the very thing I need to get rid of this last chunk of debt and start giving more.

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