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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Richer With Pets going strong after 4 weeks

I'm still excited.

I just ended week 4 of my new blog

I conducted 3 t-shirt campaigns, none of which earned moolah.
I have 3 posts up, which have each been revised at least 5 times.
I have a total of about 125 likes/followers on Facebook and Twitter.
I have an elevator pitch, 3 taglines (haven't settled on one yet), and an editorial calendar of upcoming posts.
I've spent about $250 on ads, t-shirt designs, and the website/email.

I have the opportunity to host an after-school science club or tutor. I may tutor, but I'm seriously thinking of turning down the after-school club so that I can focus on RWP.

I'm excited about the possibilities of what to do with this site and where it could go. I have to setup a store with products and focus on selling products. I don't want writings to be the  main source of income because the Internet is so full of personal finance blogs and an almost infinite supply of writings.

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