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Saturday, September 3, 2016

August review

August review

Since I moved into a new room, I cook for myself more. I pack lunches to  school and they are healthy. Salads, foods that can be eaten without heating in a microwave, vegetables and or fruit in every lunch. I also have a surplus in my food envelope each week.

I save $80 a month on rent. It's only 16% of my income. I also save gas and get to work on time because my morning commute is at least 15-30 minutes shorter depending on when I leave home.

I will have a surplus each month for the next 9 months. In August, that surplus went to car repairs.

I finished Financial Peace University, and in September I plan to start the debt snowball again. I have a visual hanging on my board that I can color in gradually as I pay down debt. I no longer have a new car fund. All of my surplus now will go to the debt snowball. I plan to start a new car fund again when I pay off PNC.

I have begun exercising almost every morning. My pants fit better and I feel healthier and more energized.  

I can't find any new places to save money, and fear is holding me back from moving on my product idea. There I've admitted it. Now I can face the fear.

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