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Friday, January 1, 2016

Review of 2015 goals and October financial goals

I think it's appropriate to go back and review the goals Iset for myself exactly one year ago as well as the finanacial goals Iset back in October. 

In 2015, I managed to keep a teaching job in the midst of turmoil at y school and a changeover of leadership. I completed my car fund. I helped my parents to paint their house and get the kitchen gutted and remodeled. Their house is now insured and has a new roof and windows. 
I sold my condo in a short sale. I was homeless and living in my car, a condo without electificty, or with relatives during summer break from January through July. While the school under new leadership has really been stressful, my students have all managed to progress in their reading, some of them by 1-1.5 years in just 4 months. My finances have improved, and so has my teaching. 

I didnt' keep ANY of my resolutions for 2015. 1. drink a bottle of water a day 2. pray/meditate 15 minutes a day 3. read a book each month 4. publish an article 5. use less paper in my life 6. contact friends and acquaintances the first week of each month 7. save for retirement

I am not discouraged. I acheived so much I feel like maybe  just set the wrong goals. 

In October, my financial goals were to

1. give more, especially to help other people know about the God who has given me such guidance and comfort and protection through my life.

2. to be better organized in my personal life so that I'm not wasting money.

I tithed in December and I revisited my budget and cut out some waste (storage, gym membership). I also reorganized my living space so I can be more productive. So, I consider myself to have achieved those two goals. 

Later this weekend, I'll share my new goals for 2016. They are numerous. Some of them are the same as last year's. Some of them Ihave begun working on. I'm really excited to see what 2016 will become. 

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