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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

About Being Gazelle Intense

About being Gazelle Intense.

It does get tiring after a while. I've been taking breaks during the summers, but this last break has lasted for months. That's because the job was so tiring, I couldn't really sit and focus on finances.

However, I made a tough decision. I took a hiatus from my evening teaching job to rest my body and write a book. The book is about getting out of debt for educators. I fear letting go of that definite paycheck to pursue something that I might not finish (given my history of completing projects).

However, I can go back in the fall without having to re-apply for my job, and the benefits (if I finish) far outweigh the risks.

So, this weekend, which was a 5-day weekend due to a snowstorm, I worked on several pages of the book (13 rough pages so far). I also made my February budget in Everydollar and see that I have about $55 left to spend. Paying rent makes it harder (and more realistic in terms of the common person) to pay down debt quickly.

So, how will I get intense again?

I charted the chapters to the book and have them hanging on the wall giant-sized so I can see them daily.

I charted one of my debts and have it hanging on the wall with Post-it notes. Everytime I pay off $1K in debt, I will remove one of the sticky notes and watch it get smaller. If I have to live in my car one more winter (the next winter, not this one). Then, that should do it for the debts other than my student loan. If I can get this book to take off, everything could be paid off sooner.

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